Miscellaneous Experiments

I woke up yesterday morning with a craving for peaches. Unfortunately, peaches don’t really grow here in the mild climate of Vorarlberg. I’ve tried buying the imports from Italy, but they are just not what my taste buds require – none of that just-ripened-fresh-from-the-tree peachiness that this Texas girl longs for. Growing up, my best friend had a row of peach trees along her driveway. That was wonderful. After she moved away to Oklahoma, we bought peaches from road side stands or at the farmer’s market. Oh, what I’d give right now for a plump, juicy peach! Since I can’t get good quality peaches here, I have to settle for apricots. Don’t get me wrong, I really like apricots too, but as a substitute for peaches, they just don’t quite make the grade.

That being said, last summer I made apricot jam and it was wonderful. Since last summer was also a very jammy summer (I think I ended up with something like 127 jars of various flavored jams), I still have a couple of jars of the apricot jam down in the cellar. Unable to requite me peach craving, I decided to do a bit of experimentation using the apricot jam. And ginger. Great combination, especially in waffles. That was my idea at any rate. Until I couldn’t find a recipe anywhere! Unbelievable. So I decided to be creative and make up a recipe. The version I made yesterday was good, but still needs a little tweaking. Too much ginger, not enough flour. So tomorrow, I will be experimenting again.

Stay tuned to a computer near you for the final recipe!


~ by katescookery on June 29, 2010.

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