To market, to market

One of the things I love about living in Europe is the easy availability of fresh, local produce. In addition to having our own garden, we have loads of local resources at the market each Tuesday and Friday.

My son and I usually go to the market every Friday, rain, snow or shine; summer, winter, spring and autumn. One of my favourite times at the market is springtime. Stands which have been a bit on the bare side throughout the long winter, suddenly explode into a rainbow of fresh vegetables and fruits. I love the variety.

Today I was thrilled to see a mixed salad which included geranium leaves, nettle, dandelions, rocket among a host of other things I couldn’t identify.

I was also thrilled to find organic milk from grass-fed cows for €o.85 per litre. We go through a lot of milk at our house and this will save us €0.15 per litre, plus we get to support local farmers!

We also stumbled upon this cute little old man who makes all his summer sausages and cheeses the old-fashioned way with no extra additives. He is quite a spritely man who can spin a good yarn who loves real food and making people laugh.

A market visit just wouldn’t be the same for my son if he didn’t get to visit the egg lady. This is something we started last spring and he always asks if we are going to see the egg lady. A few months ago, the egg lady started letting Jonas help pack the eggs and he his quite proud of the fact he is allowed to do that.

We had a great visit as always. We’d encourage everyone to go to a local farmer’s market if at all possible!

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~ by katescookery on May 21, 2010.

4 Responses to “To market, to market”

  1. Kake I love your new website. Not only are you back to writing but now you are sharing your cooking expertise as well. Loved seeing Jo help with the eggs. I guess I am the mother from “Julie and Julia” leaving the “mom comment”.

  2. Nice pictures!

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